Linving in Paris? Interview with an American Woman

Angela, 25 years old, has been working for 15 months in economics/statistics in Paris.

TheParisianPost: Two things you like the most in Paris?

Angela: My favourite things about Paris, hands down, are (1) the architecture (for example, walking along the Canal Saint-Maritn, the porte saint-martin and the porte saint-denis, the numerous small and oddly shaped apartment buildings (especially in the 3rd), the Haussmannien style of buildings and the detailing on the outside of builidngs) and (2) the amazing food (including great cheese, traditional French dishes, macaron framboise, and escargot au chocolat from the boulangerie (salon de thé in the 16th next to the metro La Muette). I also like the French language.

TheParisianPost: Two things you dislike about Paris?

Angela: Two things I dislike about Paris are (1) being squeezed so close in the metro that you can feel people breathing on you (especially on the ligne 9, the line 1 and the line 4 in the morning) and (2) the cold winter! Also, the guys that hang around the Gare du Nord and think that  good way to pick up a girl is by saying, with an accent de banlieuzard :  “Eh mademoiselle, t’es charmante”

TheParisianPost: (Lol!) The weirdest stuff that happened to you?

Angela: One time I was coming home from a soirée (at a peniche near la maison de la radio) and took the first RER (C) to go to Gare d’Austerlitz. When going up the escalator a transvestite wearing bright pink leggings and a black mini skirt asked me if I had a tampon. I responded no, that I was sorry but I did not have a tampon. He got very frustrated and proceeded to lift up his skirt, telling me that he had his period, and that I needed to find him a tampon. That was quite a strange experience!

Angela: Another funny thing that happened to me in the metro was one evening when I was coming home with my boyfriend. We got off the metro at Strasbourg Saint-Denis and were singing to ourselves, when a man started singing the same song as us. He stopped us, and proceeded to sing us opera love songs for about 15 minutes!

TheParisianPost: Anything else? 

Angela: There is a great salsa scene. Every single day of the week there are great places to go salsa dancing!

TheParisianPost: Thank you for sharing your experience in Paris, Angela.


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