Team Six has killed the leader of al-Qaida

French newspaper Le Figaro explains that Team Six is, unlike the other elite units, exclusively in charge of anti-terrorist missions. For The Nation, the JSOC, which is based in North Carolina, is an « all-star team », consisting of the elite special forces of all other corps and secret services. El Pais has a graphic showing the men of SEALs in combat gear.

Source: New York Times

Since the advent of Obama, the JSOC and Team Six would become even more important, experts say. They are the ones that led the assault against the Somali pirates who had captured in 2009, the Maersk-Alabama. They are also known for some blunders and failures committed in Afghanistan.

This weekend, twenty of them – about 100 to 200 members of Team Six – have attacked the residence of bin Laden and killed the leader of al-Qaida.


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