Amazing SONY PlayStation Vita!

Originally named NGP (Next Generation Portable), the new Playstation mobile system, was announced several months ago as the new generation of consoles.
Some rumors say the device will be as powerful as the PS3. A few weeks ago, Sony announced that it will be launched in Japan 1st (17 december 2011), and then In EU and US (22 February 2012).

The Playstation Vita will cost €249 for the wireless version and € 299 for version wireless 3G+. Se below the technical features of the console:

1. Cross-platform Game Resume On PS3, as the hack-‘n’-slash dungeon crawler will show: It will be released on both the PS3 and PS Vita — saving it on one machine, then resuming gameplay at exactly where you left off on the other.
2. Augmented Reality
3. Gorgeous Looking Games thanks to it’s 5-inch OLED screen
4. Tons of New Control Schemes, from the traditional buttons and dual analogs to the touchscreen and rear touchpad to the gyroscope and accelerometer and AR cameras.

Shopping list: PS Vita : Carte Mémoire / Memory Card : 32 GB


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