FIFA 12 PS Vita: just like PS3 version!

FIFA 12 does not forget anyone and it’s no surprise that we also host the game on Playstation Vita. Given the the young age of the machine (well, not yet born in Europe!), we really need to monitor this title as it will be the basis for the series for years to come.
As soon as you start you are impressed with the fidelity of its presentation. Start, menu and loading screens are just like the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions (exept for the « Ultimate Team » mode) . On the gameplay side, it really delivers: it preserve FIFA’s core gameplay undiluted (moving, passing, shooting, all remain the same). So no adjustment period for big fans ! Also game visuals are fairly impressive. Even though the frame-rate drops sometimes, player details and stadiums looking remain extremely accurate.

We’re not testing the touch commands here. The front touchscreen and the rear touchpad, with varying degrees of success, using the touchscreen to pass and switch between players simply does not work. Fortunately, this alternate control scheme is entirely optional. So we would advice you not to expect a big control revolution with this PS Vita version.

Online multiplayer works well (minor lags but don’t affect the gameplay). Just keep you battery charger close to you. You relly don’t want your PS Vita to shut down in the midle your PSG V.S. ARSENAL match… Otherwise FIFA Vita is a must-have launch game.

Shopping list: PS Vita : Carte Mémoire / Memory Card : 32 GB


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