Upcoming party: Tsugi Time!

By M from Barbès for The Parisian Post

Any self-respecting Parisian knows that Thursday night is already the beginning of the weekend and any good Parisian who anticipates would have taken a ‘RTT‘ on Friday 13 April. Not to spend time playing the Lottery, but simply to be able to say ‘April 12 has been a crazy party’!
Alive mix of the Pope of Cologne Michael Mayer deserves a run back at 6am, with a heavy vélib, don’t you think?

After reading this, you have to jump to the web and buy your tickets for a party where you’ll meet all of trendy Paris.
It’s an event organised by Tsugi magazine which is celebrating its fiftieth cover page.

Tsugi has now sold 50 editions in all available in the newspaper kiosks and snatched up regularly by electronic music fans.

50 editions giving musical trends, venues and news such as the upcoming event with the king Laurent Garnier who is producing an EP at Ed Banger Records. He’ll be sending us all to the dance floor in 2012 and in 2045. And then Tsugi was one of the first to inform us of less good news such as the death of Dj Medhi, or the end of LCD sounsystem fantastic adventure…

Tsugi is a monthly that provides you with rich content, offering to all readers a selection of digital download mix that helps your old CD Player to survive.

>> April 12 will be a great way to start your weekend as a dancing machine ‘or a vélib machines’, you decide, for the reopening of the Trabendo. Tsugi organises a memorable 2012 evening with Cassius, Étienne de Crécy, Miss kittin, Arnaud Rebotini, Michael Mayer, Jennifer Cardini, Surkin, Gilb’r and promises a live rock surprise!

M from Barbes’ next column will appear beginning of next week at www.TheParisianPost.com

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