Upcoming party: Élysée 2.0 !

By M de Barbès for The Parisian Post

Every 5 years it’s the same old story, you can’t find your famous card – not the one which let’s you into the Silencio, I mean the one which lets you slip that little piece of paper into the magic urn to choose the most rock ‘n’roll president.

Your colleagues have been talking about the elections for weeks at  the coffee machine for, then over lunch, even over your evening apéro and there you in a panic the evening before the first round.  So what advice to give?

First of all, the best thing is to find some music:  and if possible to listen to Manuel Tur’s latest album minimal electro,  super suave, which will make you want to leave Paris and get off to Berlin.

Secondly your girl isn’t the one you can turn to for help.  One look into  her bedroom will make you realise very quickly her sense of dis-organization.

Thirdly, you’re going to have to find a second album to listen to, because you’ll be standing there trying to make out her room for a long time, as long your evenings out with your football buddies.

So I reckon you should follow up with Bear in heaven and its acid freshness which will lead you straight to the collectors pile.  Yep, those items which will make your girl all nervous and agitated because it’s just nothing to do with a collector’s item like, say, a pair of Louboutin.  Picking up 51 issues of Tsugi and 25 kg of So Foot, you may find your passport allowing you to do your democratic duty!

So, with your hands on your hips and a smile of determination on your face you wiggle into that “tidy” bedroom of hers and wave your find in the air, – the last piece of Siniam mobile disco – that you could see at les nuits sonores de Lyon, if you can’t wait to see them in Paris – jiggling your GoGo hips to “BarMedgym.”

OK, there you go, you’re relieved and you’ll be able to vote.  But who to vote for?

OK, M. de Barbès can help you here.  Vote for the candidate who’ll be able to organise his 14th  July Elysée party with Laurent Garnier, Justice and all those great guys and gals representing the electro scene made in France.  If, despite your vote, you‘re not invited to the Garden Party, you can invite yourself to the Villette Sonique Festival with its huge programme including Gilb’r, Joakim and Tristesse contemporaine amongst others. but most of all  you can start July with the live performance of Laurent Garnier at the Trianon on 1 July.

So hey, pals, now for voting.

Vote for electro

Vote for rock

Vote for night time

Vote for sun

Vote for a fête

Vote for M de Barbes!

M from Barbès’ next column will appear beginning of next week at www.TheParisianPost.com

Upcoming party recap:

  • Live de Laurent Garnier au Trianon le 01/06
  • Damien Rice, Thursday 05 July 2012 – 20:00 – Salle Pleyel
  • Hot Chip, Saturday 07 July 2012 – 20:00 – Cité de la musique
  • Antony and the Johnsons, Tuesday 03 July 2012 – 20:00 – Salle Pleyel
  • Days Off festival, from June 30 to July 9, 2012 – Info here

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