Upcoming party: Fan of Shoes !

By M de Barbès for The Parisian Post

Saturday 10 am at the Galeries Lafayette:  you regret not having made yourself  clear the night before.

Enjoying your third beer on Friday night you announce to your girl that you’ll  take her along to see the Shoes, and her simple « cool » response should alarm you. Because here you are babes, the morning after embarked on a girl’s paradise shopping spree,  all because of your lack of precision!

300 shoe adicts around you subscribed to Elle,  300 readers of Vogue magazine,  and your girl turns up with a mountain of shoes. To keep your sweetheart smiling  throughout the weekend, you’re going to have  to give your opinion on 50 pairs which have lit up hereyes, and she’s going to find the perfect argument for you to bring out your bank card and pay up.

So courage and cunning is needed when you eventually explain that you were really talking about  the Olympia, June 13, where you want to take her to see The Shoes for a live rock funky which sets you going  like the video for « Time To Dance ».

Will she take pity on you and let you off the hook and out of that shop where – in the space of half an hour – you have just paid for three pairs of shoes?! The seller returns with five new shoe boxes and you swallow your second Doliprane!

It is time to rush to Facebook and find a friend to help get  you through this situation…

10:30 am: Nobody! Normal, because – small reminder – on Saturday morning to evening all your friends are sleeping!

11:30 am: from the « Luxury » shoe shelf,you glide to “Designer shoes”when suddenly a powerful noise hits your ears.

Without realizing it, your body is placed in front of the only TV screen in this foot paradise, and Oh,  surprise!  The last live performance of the Chemicals Brothers which means you can spend the rest of this “Shoes” session watching the film « Don’t think« , a  visual marvel which will  gradually bring you  out of your lethargy.

1200: the live performance ends, no more shoes left to try, you’ll finally be able to eject yourself from this place with the pretext of wanting to share a a Bio coffee and an organic carrot cake at Cojean.

Moral of your story:  when you drink beer on Friday night avoid  Carrie Bradshaw’s way of unclear speaking!

M from Barbès’ next column will appear beginning of next week at www.TheParisianPost.com

Upcoming party recap:

  • The Shoes, the Olympia, June 13
  • Les nuits sonores de de Lyon
  • Festival Villette Sonique
  • Days Off festival, from June 30 to July 9, 2012 – Info here
  • Laurent Garnier, le Trianon, 1st July
  • Damien Rice, Thursday 05 July 2012 – 20:00 – Salle Pleyel
  • Hot Chip, Saturday 07 July 2012 – 20:00 – Cité de la musique
  • Antony and the Johnsons, Tuesday 03 July 2012 – 20:00 – Salle Pleyel

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